Conservation and animal defense begins with local communities. With our partners, help us help village women with the supplies needed to build sanitary kits they can sell.

Help those who give their lives to these animals.  

Ecological Defense Group (EDGE) was founded in 2017 as a means to carry on the extraordinary work of its officers and their partners on the ground in Sub Saharan Africa.  Devoted to conservation and the preservation of African wildlife, EDGE works through research, technology, education and security.  

To our friends in the fight: 
EDGE’s Community Tier focuses on conservation through bringing infrastructure and providing opportunities to the impoverished communities living on the edge of parks and reserves. 

Starting this year, the EDGE team is focused on several community-based initiatives, including adding solar-powered pumps to village wells in Botswana, solar-based programs in several townships, and photography education for those living near and with endangered animals.    

Beyond sustaining and expanding these existing projects, EDGE will support a project developed by Rory Hensman Foundation, Joy of Healing and HO:PE Organization focused on the woman and young girls of townships near current project areas.  

The project involves setting up sewing and training centers in four towns in South Africa to help women and young girls become self-sufficient with skills and training in sewing, farming and pre-school development.   These women will be trained to run their own businesses making sanitary kits and reusable shopping bags that can be sold in markets around the world.

Providing these kits not only improves health standards but offers employment, brings revenue and adds skillsets to these impoverished villagers.

While a valuable project on its own,  improving community standards and helping to create opportunities are necessary and truly powerful tools in the fight to protect at risk species, like the elephant, rhino, pangolin and lion in the backyards of these townships.


With employment, with opportunities, with education, residents are less likely to be recruited as poachers, and we can continue to help them protect their birthright species.  Conservation begins and ends locally.  

$25,000 USD will help fund this program for a year, in four separate townships.  
Your donation will provide: 
16 x Manual/ Hand-powered sewing machines
16 x Treadle tables
8 x Manual or Electrical Over-locker
8 x Over-locker Mounted table
8 x Large  tables for cutting and prep work
4 x Iron-press to press materials
4 x Large Ironing board
4 x Training Centers  & Instructors

Any donation is welcome; please join us in this cause. 
Sincerely yours,

The EDGE Team